Batch-5 | Zero To Hero | DevSecOps & Cloud DevOps

Master DevSecOps & Cloud DevOps with hands-on learning

Instructor: Aditya JaiswalLanguage: English


Course Curriculam

About the Course

What we will Learn

Batch-5 | Zero To Hero | DevSecOps & Cloud DevOps

General Information

  • Weekends: Live sessions from 8 PM - 10 PM IST
  • Weekdays: Custom recorded videos
  • Projects: For Projects Go To The End Of Document
  • Corporate Projects: Understanding with architecture (useful for interviews)
  • Assignments: Weekly assignments

Module-1 | DevOps Intro

Module-2 | Linux

Module-3 | Build Tools

Maven | Node.js

Module-4 | CI Tools

Jenkins | GitHub Actions | Azure DevOps

Module-5 | Security in DevOps

SonarQube | Trivy | Prowler | Docker Scout

Module-6 | Artifact Management

Nexus | CodeArtifacts (AWS) | Azure Artifacts

Module-7 | Docker

Module-8 | Kubernetes

Module-9 | Infrastructure as Code (IAC)

  • Terraform With Projects
  • Ansible With Projects

Module-10 | Azure DevOps

Module-11 | Monitoring

Module-12 | Resume & Corporate Projects

DevOps-Integrated Projects for Batch-5 Implementation

  • Multi-Tier Python + MySQL
  • Multi-Tier NodeJS + Postgres
  • Multi-Tier Golang + MongoDB
  • 11 Microservice Application
  • Full Stack CRUD Project (Java)
  • Full Stack Spring Boot Application
  • Dynamic Portfolio Website
  • Virtual Browser Application
  • Python-based Monitoring Application
  • Dotnet based Full stack Application

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Tools You will learn in the course

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Meet Aditya Jaiswal

Aditya Jaiswal is a seasoned DevOps professional with 5 years of corporate experience, specializing in DevOps and Cloud DevOps. Currently employed at Deloitte, he oversees over 30 corporate projects.

Aditya is also a prominent YouTube educator, known for his rapidly growing channel featuring high-quality, real-time content. He is dedicated to offering real-time, scenario-based, and project-oriented training on his website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Top Queries from Our Learners

1. What If I miss Live sessions?

Recordings of every live session will be available.

2. What is the Duration & validity of the course?

Course duration is 2 months & Validity is 2 years.

3. Is there Dedicated Groups for Paid courses?

For every Specific Batch, we have a dedicated telegram group for doubt clearance

4. Do you provide Placement assistance?

Yes, we help to prepare the resume and complete guidance with projects.

5. Whom can I contact for support?

You can ping your issues in dedicated telegram group and the instructor or other team member will connect.

6. How many projects in course?

10+ Hands-On Projects[different programming languages based, multitier, & microservices] & 5 Corporate level projects

7. Can I transition to DevOps domain after this course?

Yes 100%, If you complete the course and practice well with the projects

8. Do you provide assistance in resume building?

Yes, I will guide you with resume building along with knowledge of projects for understanding and day-to-day activities.

9. Do you provide notes & scripts used in class?

Yes, we provide complete notes & scripts properly documented.

10. Do you provide interview guidance?

Yes, we provide complete interview guidance with documents and projects understanding.


What Our Students Say


Cloud DevOps Engineer at Deloitte


This is an amazing course helped me a lot to undertsand real time devops. This helped me a lot in my current project.




I have a testimony, I got a job last week in an IT FIRM after I've consistently practice what you taught. I started watching your tutorials about 4 to 5months ago, and prior to that, I didn't understand devops workflow and the tools.
I want to say that you're a HERO.
Thank you so much for the investment you've made in me.
Thank you Aditya Jaiswal.


DevOps Engineer(Texas USA)


The course has helped a lot in understanding real time scenarios in devops and cloud devops. the security parts was very useful to understand the security aspects in devops. the course definetly helps in getting a devops job.


SRE at Kibo


I got a offer from a product base company with a 100% hike. Thank you for the course and specially the corporate projects you explained it helped me a lot to frame everything perfectly. The Channel and course was really helpful.


QA at Aithent


DevOps Shack's course exceeded my expectations! The emphasis on security was a game-changer, and the in-depth coverage of Azure DevOps was invaluable. What truly sets this course apart is the hands-on, real-time learning experience. I feel confident and well-prepared to apply these skills in the real world. Highly recommended!